89From pride to the marginalized to resign, multitray Li Mingyuan in Baidu’s track|From pride to the marginalized to resign, multitray Li Mingyuan in Baidu’s track2

From pride to the marginalized to resign, multitray Li Mingyuan in Baidu’s track "Baidu Prince" Li Mingyuan November 4th night, Baidu vice president, members of the E-staff Li Mingyuan this was the brightest star in the most severe haze in Beijing one day, bid farewell to his Baidu career. 4 evening, Baidu Encyclopedia has Li Mingyuan introduced to change "the former vice president of Baidu". According to the disclosure of the contents of the letter inside, Li Mingyuan made three "crimes": 1) Li Mingyuan in a company participating in the acquisition of the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges; 2) in the management of the business scope, there are huge economic exchanges in cooperation with a private person in charge of the game partners; 3 at the same time, a business association) Li Mingyuan personal investment shares of external companies and Baidu, according to the company filing system. According to Baidu internal letter, Li Mingyuan first reported, was later found, finally, "take the initiative to admit, and take the initiative to resign to the company". But in addition to confirm the authenticity of this letter, Baidu did not make any public response to the outside, tiger sniffing tried to contact a Baidu executive to learn more information, but failed. Public opinions are divergent. the above-mentioned three charges, the foothold of speculation mainly on "acquisitions", is thought to be that Baidu spent $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless, then caused the intense sensation, it has become Baidu’s biggest ever acquisition. Before the 91 wireless acquisition, Baidu acquisition are minor, and even can be said to be stingy, the highest price is the acquisition of PPS, $370 million; more acquisitions focus is in the order of tens of millions of dollars, only 3 more than $100 million takeover. In twenty-first Century, the economic report said in a report, in fact, the acquisition did not bring significant improvement in Baidu’s mobile business. 2014, Baidu cool with 91 wireless business integration. After the integration of 91 wireless game distribution business is Baidu mobile phone assistant installation package to replace; game business is Baidu cool merger and renamed Baidu mobile game; as the game portal 91 Mobile Games network and Android cashability Co., like a chicken ribs. Some critics said that the $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless core assets fall of almost all hands, or for Chinese biggest Internet failures. At present, the acquisition of 91 wireless has become a time bomb, Baidu water in 2016 was detonated. A source close to Baidu insiders told tiger sniffing, Li Mingyuan bought 91 of the time to take a lot of money, we all know, but I do not know why now burst out." Another insider said, in mid October, Baidu is to sell the game, Li Mingyuan has been working in the delivery, but did not expect to be involved in a year. On the third, Li Mingyuan individual shares of the company did not report. According to a list of Tencent science and technology finishing, Li Mingyuan shares a lot of companies, and served as chairman of the board of directors, supervisors, executive directors and other positions. The following table is a Baidu company, also has Li Mingyuan personal equity investment company. Some people say, "his own investment company, to invest in the past two years has been like this, has been very normal, not serious." Li Mingyuan’s corporate letter.

0011 the new KIA K2 front design for the first time exposure — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn|11 the new KIA K2 front design for the first time exposure — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn7

11 the new KIA K2 front design for the first time exposure — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn people.com.cn August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Hu Yigong) recently, we have repeatedly exposed the new KIA K2 spy, disguised as the US access to the car in front of the new car, but also the real design was first exposure. It is reported that this car will be officially unveiled at the opening of the Guangzhou motor show in November. From the exposure of the spy photos, the new car in front of the change is very big, the use of a new grille, compared to the current model is more narrow, in addition to the new car headlights also features a new design. In addition, a new front bumper styling is more three-dimensional, both sides into the LED daytime driving lights and fog lights. From before the exposure of the spy car tail, impressive is used throughout the taillight design style, rear bumper styling and front bumper style similar. In the interior part, use the new K2 console design new, three spoke steering wheel style is very fashionable, but the car is still using the traditional hand brake. It is understood that the new K2 will use the new 1.2T engine to replace the current model using the 1.6L engine, and the engine will continue to use 1.4L as the entry vehicle power. (source: autohome) comments: the new K2 is expected to produce in November, and will be used with the previous generation models extended sales model. Manufacturers may want to use the new K2 to challenge the new Santana, entry-level compact car, cash K2 Chinese brand to seize the market. (Qin Han, Tu: commissioning editor Dou Ming)